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Hi, I'm Jackie

I have had the opportunity to be involved in many great organizations in this community over the last 10 years that have helped me grow and develop, and I consider it my duty to pour my energy back into the community that has blessed me. I currently serve as the Director of the Penguin Project of McLean County, a non-profit organization creating unrestricted access to the performing arts for children and young adults with developmental disabilities. I am an active member of Hope United Methodist Church and volunteer with Healing Rides ministry through Wesley United Methodist Church. I also serve as co-lead facilitator for the Friends Like Us youth group offered by Central Illinois PRIDE Health Center, and I volunteer my time with Special Olympics.

I decided to run for mayor because I believe in transforming our government to be transparent and accessible, making our city welcoming and equitable, and most importantly, in putting people first. I am a Procurement Manager at Illinois State University, responsible for construction and facilities purchases, public bidding and solicitation processes, evaluating proposals, securing contracts, and reporting to the State of Illinois. I have previous leadership experience in environmental, health, safety, and risk management in a manufacturing setting. Before I ever considered running for office, my personal mission has been to contribute positively to my community, to build it up and to leave it better than I found it for future generations. I have lived out this mission in my personal and professional life and now, I want to lead with this mission from city hall.

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